Trial Mara Distance or not?

OK - I am doing VLM this year. This is my first mara and coz of lungs it will be a run with the odd walk. Been following Bingham's run/walk schedule. About 8 weeks ago I did 20 miles run 4 / walk 1 (repeating). Did it in 3hrs 34 mins.  Since I was ahead of schedule and as a result droped a few weeks down, I will be on 20 mile again in 3 weeks.  What I want to know, is whether I should keep 20 mile as "maximum" or actually have a crack at mara distance in training?




  • would doing the distance first take the shine of it?
  • How did you feel after 20? Knackered or strong?

    If you felt ok, you could look at 22; if 20 was pretty hard, it's worth repeating it. Doing 26 will give you little extra benefit from a training perspective, but increase your risk of injury hugely.

  • I was a bit wobbly on the 20 Crashy. I did 18 a couple of weeks agothough and walked the dog after, so strong then.  Good point re 26 and injury. That is last thing I would want. A 20 before and a 22 also will give me confidence in completing.
  • Looking good for a 5 hour or so finish, Stu. I'd reckon 20, 22 then have a great run on race day image
  • Well looking to break 5 hours if I can. Doing the distance for the first time then would be special image
  • No definitely don't do 26 in training. As crashie says it takes too much out of you. And you'll be running on tired legs too.
    On the big day you are on fresh legs and the adrenaline will help.

    Enjoy the race !
  • thanks Cougsimage

    Yes I think I will stick to a max of 22 perhaps 3 weeks before. Having regular water alongside a couple of sports drinks (that I usually have -oh and Jelly Babies) will boost me alongside the atmosphere. Doing it in the light will be nice.
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