Trouble with Farcebook

After years of blankly refusing, I was finally persuaded to get myself a facebook account thingy. So I set it up and found or was found by some friends and cousins, and then the stoopid thing just disappeared. I can log in but I just get a blank page with my name and picture at the top. I get notifications through the email if anyone has left me a message, but I can't see my wall or anyone else's wall.

Has anyone else had this? 


  • Have you got any of the menus at the top? It might be something odd in your settings.......but I'm afraid I'm only guessing.
  • Another thought....have you tried logging on with a different Internet browser in case it's something to do with that?
  • Ah Saffy! You're a genius!image

    I've just logged in with Internet Explorer (I usually use Firefox) and it's all there!
    All er..... fourteen friends!image

    Thank you!image

  • I use Firefox ad don't have any issues.  Maybe you need to update FF? 

    Beware if you're on a older version (v10 is now available) as you have to have fiddle with it to save your open tabs and reinstall dictionaries and spell check, which is a bit of pain as these were pre-installed with previous versions.  They may have sorted it with v10 though. 

    I'll stop rambling now.

  • BDB - it was very kind of you to answer but I don't have a scooby what you're talking about.image I can install dictionaries and spell check? What is this witchcraft of which you speak?
  • There. I've just logged on with FF and it's worked fine.

    Do you think the computer knows I hate it?image

  • Of've told you computer your passwords and everything and it's reading even the stuff you delete and don't post! image
  • I use FF and don't ahve to reinstall dictionaries etc.  I have no idea why I get a different experience to BDB, but mine always updates perfectly... unlike the Microsoft updates that tend to cause my machine to crash.
  • Stoopid thing! It's disappeared and then reappeared and then disappeared again. Technology hates me I tells ya!image
  • WTF is all this spam about?image
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