thermal tights

It might be a little late in the winter to buy thermal tights, but I am really feeling the cold!

Has anyone got any that they can recommend, or any that are rubbish and not to waste money on?



  • skins-worth the extra dosh
  • which ones have you got? and is the sizing about right or do they come up small/large?

    I have seen the S400 and A200

  • Try the Sub-sports compression tights, available on Amazon for £19.99, they have great reviews and I'm well pleased with mine. The only negative for me is the lack of a pocket for the car keys so I wear a thin pair of lycra shorts on top.
  • Nike Dry fit tights

    Ron Hill Tracksters  over them

    Helly Hansen base layer

    Ron Hill long sleeved top

    Long socks any type short socks on top any type

    If it rains I put a Karrimor rain coat on.

    I wear my cycling gloves

    Been wearing the same stuff for 4 years

    Yes it smells odd but  dont spend lots on anything but your shoes.

    If it gets a hole in it sew it up.

    With due respect Ms NLR only buy Skins if your getting paid toimage

    ( yes I know your almost there)

  • thanks for the replies so far!

    Stephen - isn't it uncomfy wearing two layers on your legs, or do you just get used to it?

  • Skins - snow but Mizuno Thermo breathe are slightly warmer and my prefered choice for really cold weather!
  • Ms Mathschick,

    The Nike tights are very tight and have a netting behind the knee so theres no bunching.

    The Ron Hill tracksters are the old style so are not so tight and have loops that go under your feet

    so everything is held in place. 

    The seams on both are made to avoid irritation. The same is true of the two tops I wear

    A base layer, a middle layer plus if need a water/windproof top layer is THE basic cold weather strategy what ever sport your training for outdoors. It also works when dressing to keep warm generally.

    I find the 3 mile rule is the best test for your Winter gear.You start cold if after 3 miles your still cold your gear is not up to the job of keeping you warm at the paces your doing or capable of.

    My problem at the moment isnt my legs feet or hands but the lining of my nose!

    Now does anyone know if Nike do a nostril warmer.?


    Thought as much:/

  • Maths - I've been running in my altura winter cycling trousers...  just had a look at Evans (I know how wiggle have let you down) and found these... very similar to what I've been using.  They are a microfleece and lovely and warm without being too hot for running in.  Probably not something I would wear for a fast and furious plod, but for something long or reasonably paced they are fab. 
  • thanks guys! and PSC - I think you know none of my plods are fast and furious!

    Stephen - I have my top layer sorted and that is nice and cosy. I do have nike tights, but haven't had anything over the top so my thighs in particular have suffered.

    will look at evans

  • MC...i like the 2xus, they are quite tightknit. ive worn other leggings for the past 2 years that didnt keep me warm at all but the 2xus have done , the wind doesnt seem to get through and last week i wore 2xu shorts over the top! was even better image
  • I am guessing a buff would make a good nostril warmer! I ordered one yesterday so when it comes I can let you know!!!
  • thanks loula!

    I am wondering whether to wait for next winter now as by the time my foot is better the weather will be warmer! Still good to have the recommendations though and if I see some reduced then now would be the time to buy.

  • buffs are great touieimage
  • funny, I haven't really found that my face or neck have been feeling cold, although my nose does run...

    PSC - they are a good price so might order them now, then if my foot is better and can get out in this cold weather good, or if not, I have them ready for next year (and for Switzerland - we are going up glaciers etc in the summer!)

  • damn - they don't have my size!!

    well, will dedicate some time this afternoon to searching the internet!

  • I am running in Powerstretch tights at the mo, totally breathable and keep you warm. I also put a pair of snowboard socks on that come upto my knee. Admittedly, I'm not running that fast!!
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