knee claf pain

I need some advice to enable me to get back running and cure theis knee calf pain.

after running a 8 mile run i started reciving a pain below my knee (the pain is on the left leg outer leg from where the knee meets the lower leg and runs 6 inch down )

if i get a knock or injury the injury usally heals it self but this time the pain is still there.

i can walk okay but any pressure ie walking up stairs the pain is sharp and runs down 6 inch

i have rested not ran there is no swelling and i can not find any indentical injurys online

anyone have any ideas 



  • Hi Dr Worm,

    Only thing I can suggest is to try a sports massage.  They're good at easing out any blockages in case that's what's causing you pain.  Other than that I guess a physio may help.

     Good luck!

  • See a foot specialist. A podiatrist. Could be the arches of your feet being to flat or too arched (don't know the technical terms). I had a similar problem and got orthotics, problems solved!

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