Rampton Hospital 10km

Just opening up a thread for this years race.

Any questions, ask away.


  • Hi Andy, how is the route flat, hilly etc? Thanks
  • I'd describe it as undulating !

    It's a circular route with the first mile being fairly flat followed by a gradual descent for the 2nd mile, the next 2 are reasonably flat, slightly downhill, followed by a long gradual climb,another short steep hill at about 5.5 miles then a fast flat finish.

  • Is there a route map somewhere?  I'd like to look at the elevation profile  image
  • The elevation isn't showing but I've managed to copy the route into Mapometer.  Thanks....I'll probably run this one   image
  • BTW, what's the 'memento'?
  • To be honest it's undecided as yet, but we are veering away from t-shirts at the moment.
  • Oh, that's a shame.  I love getting a tech tee.  I wear them to train in.  Hate cotton ones, though.  They just go straight in the draw and never see the light of day again!! 
  • Did this one last year and can recommend it. Fairly flat up to around 6K. Then a longish, steady hill followed by a very fast descent. A short sharp hill at 8K and then a nice flat run in to the finish through the hospital grounds. Really enjoyed it and a nice, friendly atmosphere. See you all in June!

     BTW- one of the best mementoes I ever had was a logo'd gym towel from the Ropsley Raid. Race Tshirts are not usually big enough for my ample cake fuelled frame!

  • Disregard the "online entry full" at the top of this page.

  • Online entry has now closed.

    On the day entry will be available up until 10:00 at ??10. No further entries can be taken for Notts County Championships.

    All online race numbers are now in the post.

    Good luck on Sunday.
  • hey everyone. Did this today and was great?


    Where can I find hte results online?

  • The results should be on fairly soon


    If I get them first I'll post on here.
  • Well done to everyone who ran on Sunday, I hope it was an enjoyable experience for all of you.

    Just to let you know Cancer Research benefitted to the tune of £400 from your entry fees, thanks.

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