Anyone tried Hoka one ones?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried these shoes.  My partner has seen them and is convinced they are the answer to my recurrent shin splints - however I don't want to shell out for them without a bit of feedback as to what they are like!  Many thanks


  • In a world that is coming to understand the benefit of minimal running shoes they are certainly bucking the trend. I very much doubt they'll resolve your shin splints.
  • I would suggest strengthening and technique work as your best route to injury free running, spongy shoes would at best mask the issue and more probably exacerbate it.
  • They look like MBT shoes - my wife tried MBTs for all of a month of so then realised they made her feet and legs hurt a lot.

    I'd go with what the two posters above say - makes sense to me.

  • Hoka shoes are quite interesting in the fact that they although they have mass amount of cushioning, they are still zero drop shoes. What what I hear that the Hoka are very popular with the older generation in the USA, simply because there cushioning protects the runner very well. But again it is not popular with minimal runners as it feels like you runner on platforms.
  • thanks for responses - what does zero drop mean?

  • It means there is no height difference between the heel and toe of the shoe. If you're barefoot you have zero drop. We're designed to run barefoot which is why companies are increasingly making shoes that way.
  • they work for me on long distance road events ... 

  • I've gone from big 'spongy' shoes to using Inov8 - wouldn't go back. 

    My theory? We used to run barefoot - for long distances and pretty fastimage

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