Advice needed - insoles for running

Hi everyone

I have been off running for 2 months due to a knee injury. I visited a podiatrist who said I have flat feet and while we discussed insoles for everday use, we didn't for trainers. Do I need insoles if I have a pair of Asics Cumulus 13? - Do I need extra support for my arch as I do for everday use? (I am a neutral runner)

I am slowly doing the odd mile here and there and going to build it up.

Any advice would be appreciated and any recommendations?



  • I would suggest you'd be best discussing it with the same podiatrist. He's examined you and obviously has reached a diagnosis, but we don't know exactly what that diagnosis is.
  • Get orthotics. I have them now and make a huge difference.

    My Asics Cumulus 13's were barely used since I bought them as they offered no support for movement, just cushioning. Now I think they'll be great with my Orthotics. Wearing the shoes in now - will be on a long run with them tomorrow.

    Get the orthotics right and the knee issue will all but disappear - it's usually a biomechanical issue.

    AND YOU MUST STRETCH REGULARLY - running specific stretches, at different times from running.

  • And I should say, I also have low arches/flat feet and, due to that, you are almost certainly going to be an overpronator (unless you have really strong feet and ankles) - not a neutral runner, no matter where you land on your foot - it's your ankle role etc. I used to believe I was neutral due to my shoe wear etc - I was wrong.

    If you overpronate, the Cumulus (without orthotics) are the wrong shoe by far - the are for an underpronator to Neutral with little structural support.

    A good podiatrist would be able to give you a decent diagnosis of your biomechanics - if you have not got that, I'd recommend you find another one.
  • Thank you for the comments. I find it a bit of a mine field! I was prescribed neutral trainers (no support) and got on well with them last year. When I had worn them out I was prescribed overpronating trainers and I found they really contributed to my injury, so went back and was prescribed neutral again. I am hoping Cumulus with orthotics will help....
  • Run a half marathon in Cumulus 13's with orthotics today - no problems at all. I am an overpronator, with a different level of pronation in both legs!

  • What are the real benifits between using them running insoles and regular insoles? do they have different materials or something?

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