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Hi everyone

I really want to join a running group/club or set up a small one of my own...nothing too professional or serious but am training for my 2nd half at the mo and thinking about a marathon next year..

I live in Kennington but happy to travel a bit within London -

So does anyone know of any nice groups around or want a running buddy with a view to making a small club?!

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  • Evening!

    A good start might be to run from Sweatshop in Clapham on a Wednesday evening. I know a few people who do and enjoy it. Google "Sweatshop Clapham" for details. I have no connection with Sweatshop by the way...I have friends who live in Clapham...I live in the North West! There are also other clubs in the area but don't know too much about them. Best thing may well be to join the Sweatshop group and see what follows! I understand a range of standards is catered for.

    Hope this helps. And let us know how things work out. 

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  • Hi Annie I run for Clapham Chasers were one of the newer/younger clubs in the area, I only joined last summer but there a really friendly and welcoming group, cater for all standards and currently have a number of marathon training groups that are divided into time groups which may be usefull for you? heres a link to our site for further info:

  • Hi

    Does anyone know of any groups that run at lunchtimes? I work in London but live in Southampton so it would be good to get out at lunchtimes.

    My office is just by Tower Bridge...

  • Martin - try searching for City Runners, I think they're based around that area.

    Annie - I second Clapham Chasers image I've only been a member since November, but they're a friendly bunch and the marathon training groups have been a lifesaver for me! I've also run with Sweatshop before and they're great too.

    The thing I noticed when I was looking for a running club is that the name of the club doesn't necessarily mean that's where they meet (i.e. Clapham Chasers are really based in Battersea, Herne Hill Harriers are based in Tooting). Check where they actually meet before you dismiss them for being too far away (as I did!).
  • Thank you! I think I'll defnitly check out the Clapham Chasers and sweatshop group.

     Hopefully wont get left behind!! Annie

  • Soprry to resurrect and old threat, but worth looking at Clapham Pioneers, a running club based in Clapham Common. They are based in Wingate Square near the tube station, and run Tues nights and Saturday mornings. Tuesday nights there is a longer run (6-8 milesd) a 5k run, and an interval session. A very friendly bunch, always a few beers in the Calf Pub afterwards on Tuesdays. There are people there from sub 3hr marathon runners, and people who do the 5km route in 30 minutes.

  • Yeah I run with and its a friendly mixed group of runners. Then a nice social group afterwards.

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