Starting again

I feel like i need to post in this section, even though im not new to running, im starting from scatch after having a year out to have my daughter.
I really missed my running and now im back im loving it, just struggling at the thought of starting again with little time and in this weather.
Ive entered a 10k in June to keep me focused. I started back a week ago and so far ive had 2 treadmill sessions (thanks to the ice) and one outdoor run. I forgot how different running outside was to running on a treadmill especially in this weather, my throat was killing me.
Is anyone in the same situation and need some support and motivation?


  • Hi Mummy Kez - I do!
    I have been running on and off only for a while, but feel that my enthusiasm flags a bit - would be great to have a buddy! I have restarted by sofa to 5k app and am in about week 3 so far.
    Looking for a 5K race to join to motivate myself..

  • Hi Blithespirit
    It will be great to have a running buddy to keep us both motivated. Ive never done the couch to 5k plan, how are you getting on with it?
    At the moment im not following any plan as having a 16week old and a 3 year old takes up alot of my time so im just out when i can.
  • Hi mummy kez & Blithe,I too have had a year out for various reasons but it has been lovely to get back to it,been 3 weeks now and am back to 4 miles,yes even in the snow and ice and I feel so much happier.

    I have already entered a 10k at the beginning of may and a half at the beginning of oct to give myself some clear goals and feel confident,unfortunately my 12 yr daughter wants to come out with me at weekends and she is so much slower than me lol and I have to keep stopping to let her catch up,still must encourage her and not put her off,lsr will have to be on fridays as currently have the luxury of being a stay at home mum due to husbands work commitments
  • Hi Flubble
    Well done on your training image sounds like your getting stuck in, i really wish i had more time but i have even less now my liitle girl has colic and acid reflux image
    I havent been out since Saturday.
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