Salomon Speedcross 3 Gait?

I've been looking into these shoes for a while since i need some aggressive off road shoes but they need to handle the odd mile or 2 on tarmac and nothing ive found from Inov8 seems to quite fit what i need, they are either too off road or too on road,

The problem i'm having is that i ca find no information on the gait of this shoe, most of these fell/trail shoes seem to be just a neutral shoe but i've seen a lot of people mention the word "stability" and "pronation" control in the reviews of the older Speedcross 2,

Now i have read that they removed something to do with that in the model 3 which is what is making me lean toward them, but i cant seem to find a definitive answer, I was injured last year from wearing a stability shoe that was miss sold to me (i am a mild under pronator) so i really need to know this is a neutral shoe.

thanks for any advice or information you can offer me.


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