Southport MAD DOG 10K

Wow! With a sell out 1,200 runners, half the race alongside the sea, a fantastic goody bag, a unique medal, music and a howling at the start...what a fantastic race this was. Many PBs were also run in perfect conditions and the organisation is second to none. Congratulations to everyone involved...bring on next year :0)


  • Great organisation, totally hassle free. Very enjoyable! And a PB of 36:49 in ideal conditions. Perfect!
  • That's some time pdmancs image I beat my personal best by 3 mins with a finish time of 45:38. My 1st time at this event and thought it was brilliant. Don't understand the placing's though....Gun time and Chip time? My gun time finish was placed 261 and chip time was placed 240, which one do you go with? I did take me 1:30 to get over the starting line though.
  • Yeah i was made up! I was pretty close to the front so gun time said 36:55 (18th) and chip time said 36:49 (17th). Chip time is the one that counts so go with that one mate...
  • Your "Gun Time" is the time from the Gun going off and you crossing the finish line.
    Your "Chip Time" is the time from when you cross the Start line to when you cross the finish line.
    Hope that helps.
  • really impressed with the maddog very well organised great t shirt fab goody bag and a great run. very good value for money run liverpool need to watch out!!!! (only joking!!!)
  • will there be a really mad dog there
  • What a race!! I was one of the banana's! all I can say is ... more fancy dress next yr please!!! great race, well organised and loved the goody bag at the end....esp the scaffolding flyer, that was a keeper!
  • love it one minute wind swept neimage

  • Too many superlatives to mention, high ratings have made this a northern, if not national institution, 2000 mad dogs cannot be wrong. Adrian is like a dog with a bone, but can now retreat to his kennel very satisfied with all his ( & his team's ) hard work. Roll on Raiders Of The Lost Bark.

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