Do people swear by them for winter?? or are they a hinder??
And recommedations of what to buy and from where?


  • I just buy a couple of pairs of wooly gloves with 'thinsulate' lining (got 'em at the co-op), they don't itch and they keep my fingers warm - which is important to me as I suffer with Reynauds disease in the winter.
    I couldn't run without a wooly hat either.
  • I only wear them if I have a top with pockets on, as I find that after a mile or so, my hands get very hot. Same goes for the hat. In saying that, the times I have gone out in snow or sleet without them, my hands got very cold and took absolutely ages to warm up. So I'd say yes, you will need them. I've got a pair of View From gloves that I bought from an ad in RW about 3 years ago. They are quite thin, but do the trick, and the fingers are quite long, which makes taking them off easier. To be honest though, unless you have paricularly cold hands, any thinnish gloves would do.
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