Dodgy Hamstring

Hello! I'm getting hamstring pain in my left leg when I run. I don't get this on the bike. I have found a tight compression sleeve around the left thigh helps alot and stretching to a lesser degree...but the problem is not going away unless I cease running. Only running once or twice a week and obviously tempo/interval work makes it flare up more than easy runs. Feels like there is a weakness there. I'm right-handed and very much right hand side dominant in my body.

I had thought maybe I need to strengthen the hamstring (but still stretch it so it doesn't shorten it over time)...but am clutching at straws.

Any ideas? Many thanks for your time/consideration.....cheers,



  • I will also add that about 3 years ago I was not cycling competitively so was only riding maybe 2-4hrs a week max, but I was also running maybe 2-3 times a week without issue. In 2010 and 2011 I ditched running completely and did 8-10hrs a week cycling and raced. Maybe Sep/Oct 2011 I started running again quite gradually but the problem then started.

    Is it something to do with weak glutes and the hamstring trying to compensate? Or even a nerve like conditions? To me, it feels like the hamstring is weak.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭
    You need to get it checked by a medical professional. However, cyclists are notorious for tight hamstrings so I don't see any harm in continuing the hamstring stretching whilst waiting for a diagnosis, as hamstring stretches are beneficial to all runners.
  • Can anyone in the Bristol area recommend someone? I think this is a biomechanical issue rather than something initiated from a specific injury.
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