Basildon Aquathlon

Hi All,

Who's up for a nice Sunday afternoon aquathlon then? image

Formerly known as 'The Hockley Aquathlon' this event is now at the brand new Basildon Sporting Village so as well as lovely spanking new facilities there's the added bonus of a later start .. Kids @ 12 noon, Adults @ 2pm image

I'm in .. Anyone else?


  • If RW hadn't made it subscribers only to look at the info, I might have done!

    But I can't even say aquathlon image

  • image Never fear Wilkie all the info you desire can be found at East Essex Triathlons website or skip straight to Entry Central for online entries image

  • Really Wilkie .......   image
  • Seriously, can YOU actually say "aquathlon"?  It's really not easy.  There must be a better word.

  • I get the feeling you're warming to the idea image

    Repeat after me .. "A-KWAF-FLON A-KWAF-FLON A-KWAF-FLON" innit image
  • Oh, that's where I've been going wrong.... trying to speak proper!


  • Entries close on the 5th April so don't leave it til the last minute!

    Come and join us at Basildon Sporting Village for probably THE best aquathlon held anywhere in Basildon on the 5th April .. at Basildon Sporting Village ... FACT!

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