Twinge to inside knee

Im in tapering, for Wokingham on Sunday. The past few days, the inside of my knee "feels" weak, and I get the odd painful twinge there. Theres no swelling.

Is it just me tapering off, or do I need to do some strengthening exercises of any description? Ay helpful suggestions much appreciated.


  • This may not be helpful, and don't hold me to account if your legs fall off or something, but every time I taper I get a whole range of niggles, and the most common is a pain behind my knee-cap. I doubt strengthening exercises would have much of an effect in the time-frame, so as long as it's not affecting your running, I'd probably put it down to taper-madness.
    If you are worried it might be worth seeing a physio - that's my disclaimer.
  • Hmm, its more front of knee on the inside, rather than behind the knee itself?

    Yes, I do in one sense think its my tapering, its these pangs of pain I get... just hoping they will go! Many thanks for response.

  • It sounds like it could be your medial collateral ligament.  Go steady on it because if it really gets damaged it can weeks to heal....typically up to 10 weeks.  That's what my husband's doctor told him yesterday  image  She suggested he wears an open knee support.  You could try the same before yours gets worse.  I'm not a doctor and you don't have to believe anything I say.  That's my disclaimer  image
  • Thanks, Polly, oo-eer that doesnt sound ood for hubby!! Pain seems to move round at the moment. Had a little run yesterday on it, no pain, just a bit of disomfort this am. I will not run if I have any doubts... many thanks for response
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