1 Hour Sports Massage - £19

Just saw this through one of the daily deal websites today.... An hour long swedish, sports or aromatherapy massage in Central London for £19:

Hour-Long Swedish, Sports, or Aromatherapy Massage

Considering these are usually £40-£50 a go I think that is a cracking deal (though listed on the company website at £70 a pop!), just bought  a couple for myself to last the next couple of months


  • Good shout GB! I'll need one of those in April! Cheers!
  • Considering I nearly paid £30 for a 30 minute session today you can't really go wrong!image
  • an hour long Swedish is a bargin (wonders what the OH would say tho)
  • I hope this thread has a happy ending, as I would hate for you to be disappointed with your bargain. image

  • just beware........if they do sports massage as well as aromatheraphy etc.it is probably the level 3 which is not much more than body massage.......unless they have really read into it.......they don't cover injury or recovery......

    so i would say fine if you just have tight muscles and need a bit of a rub down.......but would be wary if you have a problem.......

    there might be some exceptions to the rules......but the aromas, swedish body and basic sport massage are the one s done by local colleges and if ours is anything to go from....its impossible to fail as long as you turn up most days.......

    so some qualified are crap and some are good.

    the level 4 sports massage courses are much more thorough and fail about half of those who do the course..........and go into a lot of detail of injuries etc and A&P.....
  • PS - I know someone in Banstead who does Sports Massage for £25 - she is really good if you're interested !!!
  • I used to know someone in Peckham who did sports massage in exchange for gin but she had the cheek to move to somewhere where visitors don't require a stab vest.
  • Seren - you're definitely right... I know this will be nowhere near as good as you may get from the physio or a sports injury specialist... but for just a general rub down every now and again to keep the legs fresh... cant really go wrongimage
  • GB....definitely worth it then image
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