Nike London 10k

Hey guys,

Were many of you guys there this afternoon? I had a fantastic race - was hoping for sub 45, but not expecting it at all as I'd hurt my calf quite badly on Thursday. Anyway, I had a storming run and finished in 43:26. As you can all imagine, I'm still quite pleased with myself :-)

Roll on Windsor!



  • Well done Venom!!
    I struggled for the first 3 1/2km as I'm suffering with a head cold and as a result I only managed 59:18. I think I was lucky to do that. The rest of the race was done on auto pilot I think. Loved the hills, what a killer that last one was though, I thought I was running on a treadmill that's how fast I was'nt going.

    The best of the day was that my two friends who are new to running came in at under an hour. So well done to them.
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