training plans

hi all hope you could help me out

ive read a few threads and people talk about plans time distance and all that jazz

now ive never been one to look at all the plans programs ect as i only run 5 kms at mo as ive started to take it seriously since jan and can do that in 26mins ish now im looking to go longer and quick eventually

 now i run when i can not got a plan in place is it best to im not sure if i should do long runs or very short runs ??? lol never thought running could be so compicated lol

i have started running early 5.30am so i have 1hr ish a day do you train everyday rest days when ???

if anyone could help or point me i right direction sorry for sounding very wet !!!

many thanks pj


  • Best advice when you're starting out is to keep it varied and not overdo it till you've got your body stronger and used to running distance.

    That being said, a good habit to start is having one long run a week, if you can manage running for an hour non-stop then that's ideal, just make sure you keep it slow.

    Keep up your one faster 5k session, and see if you can push your speed up a little after each three week period.

    Other than that feel free to gradually build up a few more miles every couple of weeks but nothing drastic. Once you've done that for a few months you can start thinking about more formal training plans when you have a goal race in mind.

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