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Just thought I would say a quick hello. I hope this forum will give me some moral support as I return to running after a few years off. I do have a bit of a running history, quite a few races up to and including marathons, but they were a few years ago. I havent run much for the past 5 years and am about to reach the grand old age of 51. Have also done a lot of hill walking in the Lakes and Scotland. I have a medical each year and last time they said go to a cardiologist, so I did, he wired me up and put me on a treadmill. Afterwards he said he couldnt understand it as according to his data I am "athletically fit" in his words, despite the evidence before his eyes of an overweight, ageing office worker. This was clearly down to my running years and so anyway I got the all clear with ol ticker at least. So I turned 50 last year, gave up for good the occasional ciggy, cut down on the fermented grape juice and have decided to get back to running with the goal, perhaps an ambitious one, of running the Lakeland 50 or the Fellsman next year. I have now lost nearly two stone in weight but have a little bit more to go really, maybe another 7-10 lbs, and am a regular runner. I am not keen on road running (have done far too much of that in my past) and so am trying to get out on the footpaths and bridalways around Sussex. I am possibly being too ambitious with my goal of completing a 50 miler, who knows how my joints will hold up but they are pretty strong and have served me well over thousands of miles running and fell walking so why not give it a go before I really get too old.


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    Your never too old and worn out,and you sound like you have the drive and determination to complete any distance you choose! Good Luck and welcome to the mad world of Ultra Distance!!image
  • Just see the 5 years as a rest period for your legs! Well done on turning your Life round health-wise

    If you step your mileage up slowly, step your racing distances up, then you can go as far as you want. Get yourslef some achievable goals and go for it! Good luck x

  • ... ooh whoops... I got your thread via "Latest posts" rather than the Ultra tab, but the message is still the same x
  • Good luck to you... where abouts in Sussex?! I am big fan of the South Downs for my training image
  • Thanks all for the replies.

     WIB - I live in the Horsham area, but have spent much time on the South Downs training over the years and will be heading down there this weekend. I love it down there.  

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