It's official... I'm on that slippery slope

Well as predicted things are getting somewhat surreal...

I got my acceptance for London Olympic distance today!!!

Which means all the nutty things I've been buying in the sales might get some use now (felt f95, jammers, zoggs predator googles, body glide, orca kansei, spd sl pedals, cycling shoes, bib shorts.... OMG don't tell the missus!)

Removed my own stitches on the weekend and have started running again, but only 5.5 miles in snow off road on Sunday and 7 road miles on Monday

Going to swim at some point tomorrow (when work gets off my case)

But won't be able to bike until April and same for any weights but plenty of time for that since I have a 10 mile mountain adventure race on March 17 and Edinburgh mara in May.

So far have read IronHolgs book, currently reading iron war and have a copy of fink to hand... and yes I have every intention of joining the ship to Lanza for a 40th year like no other!!

Onward me hearties!!!


  • I haven't swam laps in 10 years!!! Today (providing the pool isn't mobbed with half termers) I'm going see if I can still swim 400m* and if so what time???

    *terrifying thought
  • Good luck! Starting my swim training on Tuesday with some coaching. Breast stroke I'm OK at ... front crawl, not a clue. Maybe it's best I'm starting from nothing so I don't pick up bad habits!

  • Tim too true on bad habits i'm going to have to learn to breathe from both sides again!

    Pretty happy, but my FS needs help, grrrr but happy enough since haven't done any lap swimming for such a long time!!

    200m easy
    400m fs 7'35"
    400m bs 8'28"
    400m fs 8'42"
    400m bs 9'31"
    200m easy
  • Just give in now....   Resistance is useless ......Resistance is Useless......
  • 400m in 7 my dreams........great base to start from.

    well done
  • Dave - agreed! I think it could be game on...

    Seren - I would insert the smiley embarrassed face icon but can't on phone, but thank you very much, hope to get better since I know I could be more efficient still and right now the endurance aspect is lacking - open water training is going to be interesting but I hope to have gained some pool endurance by the time things start to open
  • If you want to reduce the times, stick to 200's for a while and keep to front crawl
    IMO breast stroke serves no purposes other than getting better at breaststroke, your time could be better spent on front crawl technique

    Welcome to the slope !
  • Thanks melds solid advice, if this forum was more advanced I could give you reputation points image probably a good idea, I did FC for the warm up and cool down, but makes sense to get the focus on FC entirely
  • and I would suspect that the first 400 was done at a fair rate to not be able to sustain it for the other two either that or the BS wears you out both of which prove my point
    Aim for consistent times until proficient enought to up the pace, much the same as when you start running
    I'll come good !!
  • First was not much difference effort wise, but decided to try force my self to breathe from both sides for the rest, which I find awkward but know will benefit in the long run... I also switched pools (from indoor to outdoor) and don't know with difference in lengths also contributed (the little old lady wearing a turban who decided to use my lane in the outdoor pool during my final 400m certainly added a little something something) but I think you're right... More FC More technique more consistency!

    Bottom line I was always a better breaststroker, and my naturally tendency is to revert to type, I need to say no and focus on form and technique on FC, I'm not too bothered about the speed and I'm lucky (and grateful) to have a decent base to work from
  • FFS how can his breaststroke be nearly as quick as my front crawl - I hope he is a carp biker! image
  • Haven't ridden a road bike for 20 years, never used clipless, reckon you're safe image
  • Outdoor pool??? In February???!!!! image

  • Lol Sd image

    At the gym and heated, cooler than indoor and walk to it is bracing but otherwise better than indoor pool IMO BUT outdoor is 20m whereas indoor is 25m so more laps required image
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  • Today's training

    Run - Swim - Run

    3.84 miles - 1.0 mile - 4.06 miles

    33'38 - 40'49 - 36'27

    Knackered - I really need to up my fitness that's for sure would be nice to to feel like dying after every 10 lengths in the pool!!!
  • Managed a 7 mile run this evening, nothing stellar, pretty slow 10k came up in a shade under 59 mins... Calves very tight from Sundays session where I used my minimalist shoes, didn't risk that this evening!
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