Surrey Tempest 10

How undulating is undulating? I'm very bad at hills and usually walk cos it's quicker than my running up 'em!


  • My husband did it in the autumn and found it hillier than he expected it to be. But he achieved a good time (1 hour 25 for his first ever 10 miler - since then he's got down to 1 hour 20) and the first three miles are pancake flat on the aerodrome. I think they are the kind of hills you can run up and there are lots of downhill bits.

    It's a good race. not much in the way of support but great medal and jellybabies en route.

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    I am hill phobic and don't remember it being too bad. I did the 20 2 years ago and I think my spilts were fairly consistent.  Don't let the hills put you off.  It's a good race.
  • Thanks. Worst case I can walk the hills and run fast down.....gravity should be in my favour after all the Christmas and Valentines chocolates!
  • Hi, I am a hill phobic as well but ran the 10-mile race last year without any problems.

    My time was quite good (1h10'17'') and I ended the race without any painful feeling image.

    I have just signed up for the next one as I was extremely happy with last year's edition.


  • Wish I had your legs. Mine will take me about 1h50!
  • Well, that's why we have to train (on hills as well)!!!!!


  • Any ideas for getting to this by public transport? The race info says the nearest station is Witley, at 3 miles away, but it's actually over 7. I was going to get a bus from Guildford but they don't run on Sundays. I'm not keen to pay for a taxi, but a 7 mile walk each way might be pushing it a bit!
  • Sorry, I have no clue how to get there by bus or train. I will drive from Woking!
  • Mm, have looked into it more today and am thinking bike. My legs may fall off though...
  • @snookiebear: how was you run then?Did you enjoy the undulating path?
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