Nutrition/hydration advice

Morning all, I was wondering if I could borrow peoples thoughts in regards to their preferred methods of preparing and recovering for the runs that they do, whether this be short training runs through to ultra marathons I know that people have different stratagies relating to gels, drinks and snacks!

The reason I am asking is considering setting up some sort of small business that would (in the slightly warmer months) be located in prime running locations and provide people who are training the opportunity to pick up the sort of things that they want pre/post run...its very much in the brainstorming phase but I thought some market research would at least give me an indication of what we all want as runners.

So, for is what I would reply.

Shorter steady runs; dont really use much else other than water or some sort of squash after.

Efforts; after a hard effort session like to have a recovery shake, e.g For Goodness Shakes are a nice one.

Long runs; will often carry couple of gels, few sweets and again will use maybe a protien shake/bar at the end of running.

Ultra distances; will carry a whole range of food stuff on me, salty crisps, electrolyte replacement (zero/pedialytle, both good), sweets, jelly, gels, chicken wraps and similar.

Any help or advice you guys could give I would hugely appreciate.

Cheers guys.


  • Most of my runs finish at home.
    It's unusual if I have to grab a drink on the go - id usually take a small bottle of water if I need it.

    Would cyclists be a better market ? They tend to stop more than runners. Or is that just me ?
  • Cougs it probably takes you longer to swim to be honest  image

    If I am on a long run I will poss take a couple of gels and water, nothin more, nothing that I need to pick up on route and nothing that cant wait til I get home
  • I tend to carry my own Chicken wraps and Crisps with me
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