shin splints just before the brighton half

oh no, i think i've given myself shin splints ... pain about half way down my shin, little to the left, and gets worse when i run on road or flex my foot. Now i am going to try for the Half at Brighton this weekend but i'm aiming for the Paris marathon ... should i rest till it's completely better or lighten the training or any suggestions really?




  • rest.  If you want Paris (which is mid April?) then this weekend hm is not the goal. You don't want to do the hm and then not be able to do Paris.  It's not the end of the world not doing the HM.  Not at all.

    I'm recovering (as I keep telling everyone and anyone who will listen!) from shin for the london marathon. I didn't listen to my body - i knew i was getting something as my shins were really stiff, but carried on anyway - and then really really really bad pain.  Hundreds of pounds spent on physio. No running. Blah blah blah. 

    Don't be me. Stop. Rest. Change your training. THink why you have got shin splints - and change the reason why. (not stretching? over training? shoes? running form?)

    My phsyio said for me to do deep water running - it allows me to carry on my training but without the stress on the leg that caused the shin splints. It also really helps my leg and makes me feel a lot better.


  • Good advice above.

    I did a 10k while still suffering from shin splints and couldn't walk for two days afterwards the pain was so bad.

    As well as rest apply a cold pack as often as possible.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks folks, tha's very helpful. I've got the cold pack out. It's not hurting too bad. Just a dull ache. I'm thinking it's the pronation. And I'm also thinking i'll take the next week off training and just cycle or swim gently. Does taking a week out set you back very much? (15th April is the Paris run). This is my fifth marathon and i've never had shin splints before.

  • oh heck...this sounds familiar! WHAT are shin splints? All I know is my left shin, 1/2 way down to the extreme left was sore, almost like a stitch sort of pain....please tell me I'm just a wuss and these are not shin splints?!
  • 'shin splints' is a term used for all sorts of things.  I'm not the most technical person - but from what I understand it's just tendons (?) being stretched or over pulled for various reasons.  Usually biochemical reasons - such as the way we run, what shoes we wear, how often we run, how we stretch extra.

    You're not being a wuss!  Listen to your body - just rest up and stretch - change training , and then ease back into it.

    Melissa - this is my first marathon so i'm not expert.  But having had shin splints and becoming a woman obssessed I now declare myself an expert on that subject!  I think, from what the phsyio has said to me, that a week not running does not reduce your fittness as long as you do other exercise.

    To mention aqua jogging again..........the only sport that is closest to running it aqua jogging.

    .I was lucky enough to chat to the phsyio for the GB olympic team who did this training day for the London Marathon....she said that you don't lose any fittness doing that instead of land running, that you can carry on with your normal training in the pool (using time spent doing the activity instead of distance, and effort instead of pace).  Someone did most of their training in the pool before doing marathon apparently. I fully recommend it. 

    She recommended for me to move all my training in the pool (threshold, steady runs, long runs etc), then one session a week move back onto land so that eventually you are running entirely on land again. This allows your legs to recover and you get to carry on with your training. Perfect.

  • I am in the same boat. Currently training for VLM and got shin splints 4 weeks ago. Again, ££££'s spent on physio and no running. Really frustrating. I'm doing lots of cross training instead and calf stretches, but it just doesn't seem to be easing. I am really worried I won't have done enough long runs for April, but I am hoping that by resting now I can at least have a go. boooooooo image
  • Also, has anyone heard or or used KT tape?
  • Nick LNick L ✭✭✭
  • kimberley - i use the tape (not the KT tape but some other stuff). It really helps.  I have the foam underwrap and the (very strong) tape over the top.  My physio showed me how to tape up the leg.  I'm wearing it every day - even when I'm not walking about much.  It helps with exercise and eases the pain.

    Good luck with your shin splints.......i'll mention again: aqua jogging!!!!!

  • Hi kafeeg. I have been doing some pool running. I'm lucky enough to have a pool at home, but it's not very deep. I've tried running up and down and doing the running motion with my legs free. I'll keep it going. What tape can you recommend me?

    Many thanks
  • kimberly - great!  I get the 'sports tape' from physio supplies from the amazon website. The glue is really strong.  Works for me.

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