Hi,I am trying to replace my 8 speed cassette but its stuck on really tight.Any tips on removal would be a great help.


  • Get a big hammer image
    Alternatively, lots of WD40, let it soak in properly, then try again.
  • Thanks Dave cant believe how solid it is on my hands are in agony.Going soak in oil and hope its loosens tomorrow.Think I might need a vice or something.
  • A bottle of coke may well solve the issue as well .... strange properties in that
  • I tried that once Melds, but the bottle just broke. A hammer is far more effective.
  • I find swearing is useful too, otherwise the coke trick. Good luck!
  • Or use a bigger lever ? Do you have an aluminium pole that would go over the spanner ?

    My garden rake fits perfectly - no effort needed.
  • Is it the lock ring that's stuck or is the lock ring off and the cassette stuck ? Either way not got any more suggestions, just curious.
  • Its the lock ring thats stuck.Will look for a bigger leaver in the morning.Thought it was going to be an easy job after watching a couple of vids on youtube.Its turned into a proper pain.
  • If the lock ring is off it may well be the case that each ring of the cassette has "eaten" into the splines of the free hub a bit. Try tapping them in the reverse direction.
  • Oops irrelevant cross post!
  • Extend the leverage as suggested but don't tighten it up as much next time.

    Watch out extending the leverage as it may damage the chain whips that you are using. Seen them snap and bend before.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the advice everyone.I already snapped one chain whip.I am going to pop down a mates garage today and hopfefully use some better tools with leverage think I might try heating it with my camping stove as well .
    Anyway its my day going to the pool for a onice swim andtgym session thenthopefully cbike later.
  • Got it sorted,had to put the cassette in a vice and use a longer spanner.Never mind should be easier next time.Cant wait to try it out later,been for a short ride and it feels faster.
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