Friday 17th February 2012


Wasn't going to start the thread but this song just came into mind and was covered in a favourite film of mine

Wabo Have a great time

What: 3-5 miles with a touch of luck. 2½ miles already cycled + 2-3½ miles cycle later. You guys ust laugh at my epic bike rides image
Why: Base
Last Hard: Good question
Lyrics: Should do


  • Morning Pammie

    Early start to todays thread !

    What:4,5M Steady

    Why: Okay run, mildish and drizzly out.

    Catch up soon.

    Lyrics: Yup.

  • Morning.


    What:               short, easy run
    Why:                 rest or easy day
    Last hard:        22/1
    Last rest:         31/1

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Good Morning all!


    What:               short, easy run
    Why:                rest or easy day
    (unashamedly cut and pasted from LMH!!)

    last rest - last friday
    last hard - tuesday

    hello nrg-b...was thinking of u last week as I ran past the Rajastan....

    Gobi -double crunchie for cyclists..??

    nice weekend all

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Dustin - I need to eat less not more as a cyclist

    What: hour on the turbo d&d
    Crunchie time
    CX bike round the common with MiniG
    Why: Holiday
    Last hard: yesterday
    Lyrics: No
    Last rest: Wednesday 15th Feb

    About to get the MG out and take MiniG shopping as it seems she has outgrown sports gear I keep here for her.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Morning all.

    What: core later

    Why: being good and keeping up the resolution of using my gym membership!

    Lyrics: no

    Last night did a really good 7 miler.  We were going to do it easy but then started off hard to run as much of it as possible in the light.  Managed to do the 7 miles faster than our half goal pace image  Last 2 km were run in under 10 mins image

    Happy Friday.

  • Gobi:Have a good Crunchie mate
  • 6 miles this morning soon after breakfast.  First 2 miles were too fast and I suffered for the rest of the way (I should know better by now!)  Finished in 43:50 - bit colder again today with rain too - boohoo.
  • Afternoon

    emzap - sounds a good sessin last night

    4.19 miles in the end pick a route thats was largely uphill that was some effort including one of the gorges so a little off road but remarkably good footing and had a nice snake like path to get out al uphill of course

  • Evening all,

    Oooh, nrg-b been spotted then? I need to read back.

    Hope it was a good crunchie Gobi.

    Me? Up and down the hills around here about five times. Neither long nor hard, but it didn't feel easy. There are reasons, so I'm not particularly discouraged about it. Next run is probably Sunday, although you never know.

    take care all.
  • @dustin: Blimey, it's been such a longtime. I am touched you remember, mate.

    @stickless: Yep, the lesser-spotted nrg-b, once thought an endangered species is still flapping around albeit with heavily clipped wings image

    What: easy conversational ~35mins
    Why: all I want to do.
    Last rest: Ahh, well, errrrm, am I allowed to say the last few years?
    Last hard: Hard? A base-training pose'r like me??? You're havin' a laaarf, innit!
    Lyrics: Oh yes image

    Whatever happened to BRilly ???
  • Lyrics are from an absolute classic tune.
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