SPI Belt?


Just wondering if anyone has any experience/reviews of the SPI Belt? I'm doing the VLM in April and need something to carry my phone, inhaler and some tissues.

Thanks in advance


  • I don't take my phone with me. I have found that I have never needed it
  • I love my SPI- used to just have a nike bumbag but SPI is so much better- really small and compact and doesn't bounce around!!
  • i only take it with me in bad weather or on night runs when i could need a phone in an emergency (i was attacked last year) the spi belt i great. no bounce, forget its there.
  • My wife runs with one and likes it. Its expensive though. Gel belts are cheaper and you can fit almost as much in.

    I'd just leave the phone in your luggage bag if I were you.
  • Thanks very much for the feedback!

    Think I'm going to get one. Really should start taking my phone out on my longer training runs in case I get injured. Used a bottle belt last time and kept my phone in that and did use it to let my family know when to expect me along the route!
  • Hi - I have tried lots of belts/pockets etc over the years and all have been a pain in some way. Bought a SpiBelt for the GNR last September & it was brilliant. No bounce or swinging/climbing up... Didn't know it was there. They have one belt that has loops for the gels too. Do cost more but are well worth it. Good luck for the VLM.image
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