Garmin 110 or 405

Hey peeps

I am looking for some advice about which garmin to get the 110 or the 405 , what are the major differences and is the 405 worth the extra money ?

Also I have ridicoulsly small wrists I know the 405 does come with a smaler strap but is it a fairly big watch ? is the 110 smaller?

I currently use run keeper on my android phone but its not always acurate and is a pain to carry in my pocket. Also its my birthday coming up so I thought why not .

Anyway any feedback would be great image


  • Depends on the level of "bells and whistles" you're looking for.

    I went for the 110, as I love its simplicity - gives me average lap pace and distance travelled, which is all I really need.

    No probs with the strap either - it'll go really small.

  • I know you have not listed it in your choices but I use the 305. Used to use RunKeeper and various others on the iphone, the 305 is so much better. There is loads you can do with it, it looks a little big in the pictures but I have skinny wrists and it fits and does not look too big when you have it on.

    Have not used the 110 or the 405, so I can not comment on them but a watch is 100% better than a phone in my opinion.
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