Just wondering if anyone has the same confusion as me? What is the disfference between Stability trainers and Support Trainers if any? Depending were I look (shops or online), the trainers I use can fall in both categories. I over pronate so need support, I have been using Asics gt 2160, New Balance 1260 and just got Saucony Progrid Omni as they seem a wider fit. But when I was looking at various shops and websites, there seemed to be a split between support and stability.


  • It means the same Donna.  The other category for over pronators is motion control for if you severely OP.  If you're wearing Asics 2160 you only mildly OP.
  • Thanks for the reply, getting the right trainers can be a confusing!
  • I am in need for some new trainers. i have a slightly wide foot, normal foot. i saw the new balance 1260 had some great reviews for mens but is it the same for the ladies shoe??

    training for a marathon!

  • I have tried these they are great for wide fitting but i thought they didnt have much cushioning.
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