Milan Marathon 2012 - Health Forms

This maybe of interest to anyone doing the above this April and already applied.

Official Rules mention need for a Health Form to be completed and taken with you to give them at registration :

Athletes with no membership card.

Italian athletes and foreign athletes can participate in the categories Amatori, Master (older than 20 years of age) if  provided with a valid medical certificate, certifying the athlete’s physical condition are such as to allow performance at competitive levels (a copy of the certificate hasto be provided), and the extra fee of 7 Euros to issue the “cartellino di autorizzazione alla partecipazione alle gare su strada” which will be filled out by A.S.D. Milano City Marathon Club and given to the athlete at the bib number collection. The cost of the “cartellino” includes 3 Euros for the FIDAL Regional Committee and the amount of 4 Euros for the FIDAL obliged insurance.

 Having never undertaken an overseas Marathon is this common place ? I would hate others to be tripped up by this and not getting one of these completed to show them at Registration.


  • I’ve printed the health form and giving it to my GP practice. They say they’ll get a GP to sign it for a cost of £15 (it’s not NHS activity) then I plan to fax it to organisers. Didn't know about those little extra costs though. Thanks for the info.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    In France I know that they require the health certificate and sometimes additional "administration costs". In Germany/Belgium that's not the case and I've never been treated any differently for being a "foreigner"
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