Garmin 110

Getting back into running after a 2 year break and want to get a simple GPS watch. I only really want to know time/distance/pace - not too bothered about extra functionality. I think the Garmin 110 looks good value at just over £100 but would really appreciate advice or suggestions for other similar models. Many thanks!


  • Yes just got the 110 Jo

    I would recommend it
  • Thanks Roger, much appreciated. Found quite a few reviews, and all positive for what I need. Hope you continue to enjoy using yours. Jo
  • I use runkeeper and tells where i have been how fast etc All for free.

  • I have the 110 and I love it - got the grey and pink one which looks great and not too bulky! Also comes with a HRM which I never use! I'd rather have a comfy watch than carry round a pack for my iPhone, although there are lots of free apps.

    The only thing I have found is that it does very ocassionally crash losing all data not yet updated. Maybe twice in the last 6 months though so not loads. This is annoying but wouldn't put me off getting another.

    It displays the time for the current lap which you can set (default = 1mile) rather than your current pace - depends on what you want to see, but I find this more useful

  • Had no problem with data crashing as yet. It's done a good job of tracking my marathon training.

  • Becca have you got the latest firmware update on your 110?

     Mine used to lose data if it crashed but after updating it it no longer happens....still crashes occaisionally but doesn't lose the data that's on it anymore.

    The Garmin website should tell you if the firmware is up to date when you connect the 110 to it. 

  • This is the one for me....been umming and ahhing for a while...this weekend hopefully will be the weekend I finally commit and shell out. Sick of runkeeper not finding my phone and vice versa...I like gadgets image
  • I have been thinking about getting one of these as well! I have a very old 201 and it is not that accurate any more and very slow to pick up a signal! Any recommendation on best place/cost to purchase?
  • amazon are doing them for £128 (inc HRM) with 0 p&p charges

    wiggle are £152.00 BUT if you have a boots card you can sign up through the Boots card site and get extra points...

  • Sorry, I haven't had chance to get back on here for the last couple of weeks. Thanks for all of the info everyone. I got a 110 and absolutely love it. Not too bulky and does everything I need. Picks up satelite very quickly and no problems so far. I got mine (went for the unisex version) for £100 on amazon.
    Only quibble is the connecter for charging/sync is a bit flimsy, but not a problem - probably spoilt with the cradle my husband has with his more expensive one.
  • I love mine too! I wear mine as a watch too (when I remember) and its so light I barely remember I'm wearing it.

    The HRM strap is so comfy, just need to get used to the feeling of it on my sternum but wouldn't be without it now!

  • I've had mine since last August and wouldn't be without it!!  Haven't had any crashes.  It does the job.  HRM is useful as it helps with fitness but it isn't an essential part of my training.

    Hope you decide to get one.  You'll never run without one again and if you do it feels so weird!! image

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