Salomon Skin Pro 10+3 rucksack

Hi all

I currently use a salomon xa 10+3 for my endurance races but have now seen a newer bag, it's a salomon skin pro 10+3 and I was wondering if anyone has tried it or could recommend it or not, here's a link to it:


  • I've got the xt skin pro its ok, nothing bad or exciting but imho its not a touch on the xt-wings 10+3 vest pack, the xt-wings vest just seems to spread the load weight easier than a traditional pack.
  • Thanks very much for that, I seen the wings one and am now torn between the two lol

    Of them both would you recommend the xt wings over the skin pro ??

    I use my current one for long distance events 30-50mile, so I'm looking for anything that's more comfortable than my current salomon xt


  • Im a big fan of the wings pack, the load is spread evenly over your torso so it just feels more comfortable in general to me, they are also one of the only packs I know which comes in small, medium and large due to the vest aspect of the pack. It is important to get the correct size.
  • Thanks for your comments

    I have ordered both bags from chain reaction cycles to have a good look at them.

    Thanks again, I have also just seen the salomon advanced skin set 12 that looks good but will probably be explensive
  • I have used the SLAB Skinset 5. It is a great peice of kit and very comfortable. you woudln't know it was there. Only issue I had was the bottle holders ended up too far under my arm so I couldn't actually carry a bottle in them comfortably. The Skin pro 10 + 3 is the big brother really, construction looks very similar but with a larger capacity. I will be trying one out very shortly to see what it is like, if is is anything liek the SLAB 5 skinset then it will be good, just hope the bottle holders are better suited to me and I may get one of them myself image
  • Brilliant let me know how you get on pls, I should have one of the rucksacks coming tmos so I can try it.

    I must admit I'm quite lookin fwd to trying them, my initial thoughts are I prefer the skin pro with its chest links instead of the vest version, but will have to wait and see image
  • Interested in this as Saloman gear piqued my interest at UTMB last year. I'm pretty happy with my OMM last drop 10 and Adventure Light 20, but the 10 tends to be too small for longer ultra's (and I'd rather be safe then sorry when it comes to skimping on kit) and the 20 I must compress down to about 12L.

    The XT wings 10+3 vest looks interesting. Bit more too it than the last drop and says its 12L capacity. My only concern I guess is how good the bottle holders are? Sounds silly, but I got some for the OMM pack and bottles were wobbling too much, drove me mad, good job the mesh side pockets can hold a bottle. If the front mount system for Saloman packs is better I definately fancy it.

    I'm completley confused now though as the XA Skin Pro and Race S-lab packs also look really snug and like they'd hug the body well.

    WiB - How do you mount the bottles on the S-lab 5? as I thought the bottles on the packs mounted on straps at chest height?

    I guess I need to look at the whole range, wonder how far from Hull the nearest stockist of a decent range is image

  • Well the salomon vest 10+3 arrived today, I don't think I'm over impressed with it.
    A couple of things:
    1. I use black diamond poles and in previous packs I have managed to accommodate them, but with this there is only one side pocket and I can't get them both in, so would have to make some alterations for them image could do with two mesh pockets either side the bag, not just the one.
    3.It feels quits good on, not much rub or slip, it's noticeably different to my normal bags and feels really secure, but with it zipping up, I don't know, it just doesn't feel or look right lol, probably me just being fussy.
    4.It doesn't come with a bladder.

    Other than that it's seems ok.

    I must admit I am now looking forward to receiving the Advanced Skin, but looks like that won't be here until early March.

    I am also tempted to give the new S-Lab 12 a try but I can only find one stockist and that's £150 probably WAY too much for a backpack !!
  • Look forward to hearing about how the Skin pro 10+3 compares *Jimmy*, find that info on wings pack useful.

    Not being a pole user that wouldn't put me off the Wings pack, though, maybe lack of front pockets would (this is only problem with OMM last drop 10 really). Also not fussed on bladders as prefer the bottle image

    I'm starting to think that whether vest or chest coupling these are all going to fit well. I just wonder if the one-size fits all aspect of Skin pro will be a pain? Is its built to adjust for all builds at shoulder, chest and waist?

    I've got to find a shop to try a few of these I think.

    S-Lab 12 looks tempting, but I'd have to try it before forking out that much too!

  • There are a couple of pockets on the front of the vest, I can add a couple of piccys if you like. All you could get in tho is a small phone or gels.

    I have bought these from chain reaction cycles, they offer 365 days refund, I explained I want to compare them and they were fine, there happy if I return both if I don't like them aslong as they are in unused condition.

    The skin pro says it should be here 8th march.

    Yep the s-lab is abit too much I think lol will have to wait for a special offer image
  • DE - On the skinset 5 the bottle holders are fixed in place, when I have the pack loaded up and fitted to me the holders are under my arms which was uncomfortable. I guess I am just the wrong shape for it! The person who I borrowed it from to try is a little bigger than me but only about an inch taller and fits them fine.

    If you get one to try make sure you load it up with everything you are likely to carry when you try it on

  • I got the S Lab 12 for Christmas from my Mum.  I'm very pleased with it - it's superbly comfortable and the back side mesh pockets you can reach and get stuff out of without taking it off and they hold a 500ml bottle each so you always have a litre of liquid in easy reach (I don't like bladders).  The little front pockets are brilliant for phone, gels etc

    Downsides - only that the front fasteners are a bit fiddly with cold fingers and it's expensive.  And it's a long time until next Christmas.

  • Cheers all, though I'm more confused than ever image Though I'm fairly sure I'll try one of these packs.

    All options have lots of positives with just the odd negative. Soooo... I'm going to let fate decide. I'll see which I can get on offer first, or find physically in a shop first to try and I'll buy it if I like it, and won't or return if I don't image

  • I've just tried on, and then bought, the Wings 10+3 Vest (small/medium). Can someone tell me which bladders are compatible? I've already discovered that it won't take a 3 litre bladder and that the Platypus would be a bad idea. Camelbak 2L looked like it would fit - would need to be slid half out to fill. Any recommendations?

  • Does anyone know where you can buy these, not online ?



  • Bump    I would like to try one too.   Anyone know what shops stock it?

  • edit looks like sweatshop do the 14+3

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