Thinking about doing the Woodhall spa triathlon.

Hi all,

First of all I'm new to this website so please excuse any stupid questions.

So I'm thinking about doing the Woodhall spa triathlon, for those who didn't know it's a 400m swim, 22k bike and 5k run. This would be my first triathlon and I think I could do it with the correct training, I am already a fit person, im only 17 and I have completed a 10 run in 46 mins, and I'm thinking if I trained properly I could do this.

Just wondering if anyone has done it before and what are there thoughts about it? Also if anyone could help with with a training program for it that would be super!

Cheers guys!

Ps i apologise if this is stupid not really good with these things!


  • its my local one so ill be doing it, its part of a series - theres also southwell and david lloyd( all local to woodhall ). i never done the woodhall but have done the other 2 before, they are very well put together and perfect for first timers. As long as you can swim a bit you have plenty of time to get sorted.
  • Hi Adam I did Woodhall last year and loved it ! I was new to Tri last year to and not as fit as you sound. The pool is great it's a 50 meter pool outside, bike I think is 24k not flat but not to hilly think there were a couple of steady hills. Run starts up hill but then long down hill back. Very well organised and lots of mixed abilities. You will love it, where you from?
  • AC - good luck - you're getting into the sport at a good age to improve - hope you enjoy it. bear in mind that as a 17yr old, you will need parental approval to compete in what is classed as an adult race - that's pretty standard in tri.
  • Cheers for the replies guys! It's getting more likely I'll be doing it now! Again cheers I appreciate it!!
  • Adam I live down the road from Woodhall and have done this triathlon lots of time. This is a well known first timers triathlon, a mountain bike isn't out of place. The pool is 33m not 50m and is at the moment having a serious face lift. Go on you know you want to do it!
  • I did this one a few years ago as one of my first tris. Its very beginner friendly. Mostly flat on the bike and the run with quiet country roads. The outdoor pool is very warm but it was great fun. I would definitely recommend it. Wish I had started this tri lark when I was 17 instead of 47! Good luck Adam

  • I have not done the Woodhall race but have done every other OSB events and they do put on a good race.

    Just to let you know that we organise 2 races not far away in Leicestershire. Leicester Triathlon on 7th May (Bank Hol Monday) and the Desford Triathlon on 12th August.

    All details are on

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