Great Birmingham Run 2012

Hi there,

Anyone heard when this year's run is likely to be?  And whether they enforce a no-headphones policy?

I did Nottingham and Leicester last year and Nottingham was great (but hilly), Leicester had an Ipod ban.  I'm one of those that hates to run without music, so I ignored it, and then found I'd been disqualified as number wasn't on the results list afterwards. 




  • It's on the 21st October.

    All UKA affiliated races have a headphone ban since that's the rules of the sport. Saying that it's up to event organisers as to how strictly they enforce it. Last year I'm pretty sure it wasn't strict but that's not to say they won't tighten up.

  • I was just looking at the Birmingham run site, Out of the five main people in their advertsing picture, four are wearing headphones . .I am assuming that they dont take it too strcitlyimage lol. 


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