Dukeries ultra

What can you tell me about this event?

Worth a shot?


  • Ben - Pretty sure this is its first year. There is a thread already going with some detail:


    I run some of the route most Sunday's, it is pretty wooded / estate / farm land lots of good forest trails. There will be some undulations but no real gradient. Should be an opportunity to post a quick time for those who want to.

  • Hi Ben

    Alistair has pretty much said it all in his post above.

    This is our first year of running this event and so far we have had great support and interest from not only this forum, but others I hadn't heard of before.

    The only thing I think I can add to the route description above is that there should be no problems with route navigation as The Robin Hoods Way Association has got markers all the way round. We will be marking any amendments to the route with strips of red and white barrier tape as well.

    I hope this helps. If you want to know anything else just try the other thread if get in touch with us direct.

    Roger L-S
  • And I'm in......
  • What I meant was that I have just put my entry in - and it was meant to be in the longer Dukeries thread.


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