Hernia repair yesterday, help!

Hi folks,
went in for keyhole surgery yesterday for a ventral hernia. No idea why but they had to proceed to an open incision and I have NO idea on recovery now. The sick note I was given before the operation is for a week and I expected to drive within a few days but am now in lots of pain and frankly cannot even pull myself up the bed.
Am thinking I need to go steady and go with the flow but wondered if anyone had any advice or idea if the recovery is going to be much longer than keyhole?
Did 40 miles last wk so guess I was ready for a rest week but this is ridiculous!
thanks Camlo


  • You're probably looking at two weeks min before you're out and about normally - I'd suspect a little more before you're running again.
  • thanks Phil- the dr did come and speak to me after the op but I was given tramadol in the recovery room so can't remember a word of it! Don't even know if they used mesh or not and have no follow up.

    I already feel better than a few hours ago!

  • You should contact the doctor/hospital and get their advice. 

    They should have an advice sheet they can give you.

  • Thanks Wilkie, spoke to the surgeon earlier who confirmed what had been done and reminded me not to try running for 4 weeks!
    Guess I'll be chewing my hands off by then....
  • My sympathies Camlo. Are you able to do any other exercise whilst you can't run such as swimming or cross training?
  • Not sure if I can do anything else but I'm sure going to need to find something to keep the mind active and stop me going mad!
  • Well, update is positive. First week was awful, hurt to cough, get in or out of bed. second week still shaky but Dr diagnosed a haematoma under the keyhole site so was explainable. Turned a corner at about day 13 and back to work on day 15 right as rain. Some tenderness but nothing to worry about. Had to run from one meeting to another on Tues so did an unplanned mile with a work bag over my shoulder, felt fine!
    Needed a break from kids yesterday so trainers dusted off and 3 miles in the bag! Not pretty and not quick but a week earlier than predicted so happy with that!
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