New Forest Marathon - how was it for you?



  • If only I'd known, I was too tired to look for numbers and wouldn't have been able to recall any at that stage anyway. We would probably have been running together at some stage, I was the guy with a pony tail wearing a white vest.
    I might have broken into a smile at the finish too, which is not in my nature but I was pretty glad to have finished.
  • Hi

    I managed to lose the photo details. has anyone got the guy's contacts?
  • The e-mail address is although I've written to them and not had a reply.
    Personally I'd like to see the photo before I buy it, but I think that letting people do that might stop them from buying.
  • Better late than never! Hi to everyone who did Sunday in the New Forest - who was the poor guy that got surrounded by the stampedeing ponies about half way through the race going up a hill - my shorts would have been a little heavier if that'd been me!! Anyone doing the Hardley a Half just outside Southampton in 2 weeks time? If so, any tips gratefully received. Think there's a webaddress for them somewhere if anyone wants it? Oh, just to make you wince - my preparation for the NF Half was to have a brass picture frame drop on my big toe & second toe and split them open good and proper on Sat afternoon - a few hours of sweaty socked running later and I now have a couple of good infections brewing - this is the toe that had the nail partially removed before and fully removed during this years London Marathon - think there's a homing target on it ?
  • Pitstop
    I am doing the Hardley Half on 13th - lovely route - not as undulating as NF1/2 - there is one hill at about 9 miles and the last two miles are not that good as they are along a road that is boring - but it is a race to enjoy

    See you there

  • Thanks Whizzy - will have a blue City of Salisbury vest on and I tend to grunt a lot the harder a race is - I rarely have others running around me but can't think why!!! Hope it's fun - I would SOOOO like a race to be easy one day.
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