Calf Socks

Ok they probably have an official title, but basically they are socks to support your calves

someone recommended them to me, as I seemed to have pulled a muscle ( no one can shed any light on my pulled muscle ) and i had pain round my ankle and then half way up my leg

I bought some and wore them and they are fab they have really helped, but wondered if anyone ran with their running socks underneath them

I love my running socks and the calf socks were nowhere near as comfortable and didnt want to end up getting blisters with them

I ran with my running socks under them this morning and actually that felt much better but is that the norm, i have no idea

when i went to the gloucester marathon last month i saw loads of people wearing calf socks so figured someone on here must know

thanks for any advice would really appreciate it


  • If wearing your running socks underneath the compression socks works for you then keep doing that, but you can also get footless compression calf sleeves - then you don't have to worry about layering.

    X2U are supposed to be very good, but do a search online for "compression calf sleeves" and it'll bring up loads of products image 

  • ooh thanks very much thats brilliant

    and thanks compression socks, see i knew they had a fancy name really hahaha
  • My pleasure image 

    The name is only fresh in my mind because my BF dragged me into sports shop to buy some a couple of weeks ago after I kept complaining about tight calves image 

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