Alpine oasis running weekends

Has anyone been to these running weekends? There's one in peak district in April that I'm really keen on attending to.

Any experiences? Are they ok for plodders? image


  • Elli - I have not been on a weekend but I have spoken to Andy Mouncey who works for them. He is a very good endurance athlete and a nice bloke. Very interesting person to listen to so I would imagine that the weekends away with him and Alpine Oasis are well worth it.
  • Thank you!
    Oh I'm sure it will Be worth it but I'm just worried if they are aimed for competitive athletes, would I be the only everyday plodder attending and holding everyone back. Just thinking if this is something "out of my league"
  • I'm thinking its not going to be out of your league at all Elli

    Looks good...give it a go and let us know how you get on

  • Why not contact them and ask them. I know they will want to fill their places, but its not in their interest to have someone along who it is inappropriate for. One good thing about running is its very easy to be specific about what standard you are. Just let them know your current training and racing paces, as well as the sorts of distances you do.
  • I've contacted them and had such a quick and extensive reply... Very nice indeed! I've signed up for the Easter weekend in Peak District! I really can't wait now!
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