Talkback: Gear Pick of the Week: ASICS Gel Kayano 18

I've had Kayanos from version 16 and although they are expensive I do find that I get 500miles out of them before they really do need changing. I would take some convincing to alter my shoe of choice


  • Anyone had issues with theie achilles wearing Kayano 17's I had to cut back of shoes as foam too stiff!!
  • I was convinced to stop wearing my Asics, by a professional running shoe shop and I got a stress fracture in my hip. I now have two pairs of Kayano 18's which I am training for a marathon with and will never ever change again. It was the worst year of my life, 2 operations and no running for 18months!

  • - I've been wearing Asics Kayano since the very first model in the early 90's, back then with "revolutionary" CoolMesh material. I skipped a few versions when they were of low quality or when the model I had was lasting super long. Last year I upgraded again to the Kayano 17 (the 16 was a joke), what a mistake! While the forefoot is too narrow yet gets slightly better after time the material in the achilles part was just so thin it broke, the fabric was torn into bits after weeks. I even got Asics to replace a pair without any hassle, only for the same symptom to happen again. Let's hope they listened to customer feedback and the 18 has improved these points, as the description above (durability issues) might indicate.
  • So disappointed.  having worn my old trainers for years, I thought I should get my feet properly assessed and purchase a quality pair of running shoes.  Having had a gait analysis, I purchased a pair of asics gel kayano 18 shoes and after persevering for 3 weeks I am going to return them to the store under their 30-day guarantee.  After running in them for 20-25 mins, I begin to get numbness/pins and needles in the toes area. After approx 30-35 minutes, it feels like my foot from my toes back to half-way along my foot is in a vice. Whatever it is in the base of the shoe (I would guess to correct the over-pronation), digs into the underside of  my foot.  So, so uncomfortable. 
  • I replaced my GT2150 to the Kayano 18 back in January. I was very sceptical at first about changing - I'd been suffering a lot from sore calfs and shins and my groin, and I had read reviews which mentioned that the women's version comes up quite narrow which could be an issue for me as I have very wide and large feet (flippers image).

    So the verdict... I absolutely love them! To date I have done just over 400 miles in them, they have seen me through long winter training culminating in my first half marathon in April injury and pain free. The lady in the Asics store warned me they could potentially take a while to wear in and to be ready for blisters, but luckily I did not suffer a single one. I have done a handful of off road sessions in them and they were terrible! But they are a road shoe so completely forgiven!

    So for me they have been an absolute god send, so much so that I recently bought another pair ready for the autumn / winter training to start again. Lovely shoe, unfortunate that they are so expensive but I think they are worth every penny. 

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