There is so many on the market I don't know which one to choose.

I've never had one of these so I need a bit of help.

Running 28 miles what would be OK for this sort of run?

I've found this >>> Thoughts?

Can you get it cheaper anywhere else or is there a better one of the market?


  • if it fits it's fine, if it doesn't it's a waste of time so try it on before you buy.

    at the EOTD it all depends on what you want - minimalist approach like this one, or one with a bit more carrying capacity for spare kit, keys, phone etc. alternatively, many prefer belt bladder systems like the C'bak Flashflo for running with as then there are no shoulder straps to rub (is what I use). but not everyone is happy with belt systems.

    C'baks tend to be at the premium end of the market along with the likes of similar offering from Platypus, Source, Deuter, Salomon etc. you can cheap lookalike versions at times from places like Tesco, Aldi, Lidl etc.

    as you say - so many to choose from!! but the key always is correct fit.
  • The only thing I found with Camelbaks is that its hard to judge how much you have drunk from them, and to refill you need to take them off ?

    Waterbottles on a belt or rucsac pockets can work well.
  • I would get a hydration pack that has a decent waistbelt, preferably with pockets for sugary treats. Salomon, Inov8, Camelbak all come to mind, though that's not an exhaustive list. As mentioned, fit is everything.
  • I use one from Argos ??9.99 and holds 1.5 litres which is sufficient for a 20 mile run. It is a mini rucksack as well so holds gels, bars, keys, toilet paper, lightweight waterproofs, etc. easy to fill. Only downside and this may be with all hydration systems, is that the water slashes around but this is only a sound problem as it does not effect running. At ??9.99 why not give it a try. Mines 2 years old and going strong.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    you can stop the sloshing noise with any bladder system by sucking all the air out of the bladder and tube before you set off.  takes about 10 secs and then you have peace and quiet on the run....

  • Find one that fits YOU. Try it with some weight in it. Bladder or bottles is personal preference.

    I've used a little 5 litre Mizuno pack with a 1 litre bladder for several months, and found it fine. Just got a Salomon 10+3 vest and I have to say it's worth the extra money - fantastically comfortable, really distributes the weight well and no tension/ache in shoulders after a 22-mile training run. Also FOUR little pockets I can reach while running (two on the vest, one on either side of the pack, which are great for holding edibles while running.

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