Preston Guild Series

Anyone know if you can enter all four events (5k, 10k, marathon and 10 miles) in one go. Or do you have to do each individually? If you enter one at a time, it`s not easy for the organisers to see who should get the medal and t-shirt - ?


  • Don't think you can enter all 4 at go as the form says your are responsible for entering each event and paying the organiser thereof.

    5k is Red Rose Road Runners

    10k is Run Preston (council)

    Marathon is Council

    10 m is  Preston Harriers

    Will check and confirm as have entry forms at home


  • Thanks Keith. I`m curious as to how they`ll then keep abreast of who`s done what. I`d also hoped to save a few quid (and admin cgharges) by entering the lot!
  • ET

    Yes the forms are all different as I said each race is put on by diffrent people. I saw somwhere that you had to apply seperately for each race and to apply early so you get in if doiing series.

    I presume they will check the official results to see who has done 4 of the required races and award tee shirts and momentos. I am thinking about doing series with a half marathon not full.


  • Thanks, Keith. Sounds like quite a bit of work for someone! Never raced a 5k before so May should be my first!image
  • 5k easy distance
  • compo 1 wrote (see)
    5k easy distance
    I`ve done about 20 odd half marathons though. 5k is an `easy distance` but a very different challenge to what I normally do if I want to get a decent time.
  • I have a 20 mile race next month on 11th march at Cleackheaton near Bradford done it every year not a easy course but good fun

    I am doing sheffield half this time aswell
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