general calf ache tips needed


Yesterday I did my first ever 10k run. My legs stiffened up quite a bit after.. and as to be expected stiff today too.

I'm not bothered by the stiffness its all a part of strengthening the muscles up, I am just wandering what I should do to get the optimum results from the muscle workout.

I stretched afterwards, have been drinking lots of milk for protein. Will stretch some more today.

Does it matter if I go for another run, or play badminton, whilst I've still got pretty tight, aching muscles? I would stretch before and after.

Anyone got any tips.

I the past with aching muscles I have just stretched and got on with doing some more... is this less effective than waiting for them to heal.

Thanks for reading, all tips welcome


  • At the moment I seem to be addicted to using a foam roller and a wobble board. The roller is amazingly painful but is loosening my aching muscles.
  • .. sounds good though. Maybe I should find a human to rub them for me

    is that a good chat up line?

    I need someone to rub my calfs... you busy?
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