Newbie Saying Hello From Stafford!

Hi all,

Been on the website a few times for a few tips, so thought it was time to say hi image

A bit about myself. I started running about six months ago when i finally decided to pack my 20 a day habit in image best thing i've ever done! After running half a mile and not being able to breath i thought the fags have got to go.

Anyway, in the last 6 months i've gone from running half a mile to doing 5 half marathon's av around 7:30 min mile, watch i'm very happy with. i've entered my local half marathon event at the end of march hoping to achieve a time of 1:30.

Does anybody have any hints or tips for me to achieve this time?

I've now got to the point in my running where i want to run a bit quicker but my legs won't let me ;(



  • Hello image

    * Join a club

    * Speak to Chris Fulcher (Flying Legs, as featured in RW recently)

    * Keep at it, nose to the gindstone and all that

    * Find someone faster than you to train with

  • You ran 5 half marathons in your first 6 months running? Wow. Have to ask if that's entirely healthy though. I'm no expert, but you might be overtraining just a bit. That's a lot of pressure to put on your body in such a short space of time. Can't knock your enthusiasm though.
  • Thanks for the advice guy's!

    Overtraining? if i am i'm enjoying it lol! i feel great!
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