one of those days I fear

Sorry...having a crappy day. So tired I could puke, already snapped at the lads at work, burst into tears 3 times, hidden in the bathroom to cry and caught the manager making the "leave her alone" gesture to the lads when I came back in...

Why does being this tired turn me into a three year old?! I'm 20bloodyalmost9...I can barely focus I'm that shattered - the thought of going for a run at lunch is filling me with dread...not something I've ever experienced before.



  • Why are you so tired?

    Why even think about running if you are that tired?

    Surely saving energy for your workplace is more important?   I'm afraid I'd be unimpressed if I had staff bursting into tears through 'tiredness' but them going for a run.

  • hmmm i have to agree rest is whats required you must be fit for work surely any boss would be annoyed in this instance.
  • I've never felt like that in work. What's causing it and what are you going to do to fix it ?
    A nap sounds better than a run.
  • Some women...

    Some men...

  • yes something underlying other than tiredness maybe
  • I currently (although this is ending tomorrow) work 2 jobs, my main one and I work in a pub in the evenings. A combination of working 18 hour days and not eating properly might have tipped me over the edge I think. I've handed my notice in at the pub, tomorrow is my last shift.

    Point taken re: work. Not running today, will try and be nice to myself and see if I can have a nap.

    Combined reasons compounded by rubbish earlier in the week, work rubbish later in the week, general worries that we all have - some of us are less able to cope with lots of stressors than others.

    As for the "women" comment - it is nothing to do with gender. Just people...we handle things differently.

    Early dinner, early bed tonight...

  • mima - sounds like you're acting to change stuff. Sometimes life is a bit crap. Hope it changes for you
  • Thanks OW - I'm keeping my eye on myself if that makes sense...I have a history of depression that has been triggered/kicked off by being run down and very tired. Time to start being nice to myself I think. Very hard to break bad habits, also makes me glad I quit drinking...
  • Maybe a run would do you good Mima - get out in the fresh air.

    I'm assuming like everyone else that the tiredness is more than lack of sleep after a night clubbing of course. I don't think your boss will think you've got energy for running but not for work - I wouldn't anyway - they'll probably just think you've got things on your mind and maybe a run will clear your head.

    Do what's right for you anyway - we all have crap days that affect our behaviour even if it comes out in different ways with different people.

    edit - x-post there (x-post with about the last 5 - had to answer the phone!)
  • I had a was lovely. More of that tonight I think.

    Eating helped too.

  • Hi mima

    I can relate to you, I really can
    My life has been like that a while now and I'm learning to cope.

    If I can give you one or two things I've learned the hard way:
    1. Make sure that no matter how busy you are, sleep properly and eat a healthy balanced diet. If something else has to give in order to do that, so be it. You are more important than those you think you live for
    2. You've taken steps to better by quitting the second job. I salute you. I'm not able to do that but what I have done is scheduled my second job in a way that allows me to have SOME time for myself. The YOU time is crucial. Dot push for a run if you don't feel like it. If however you feel it will make you feel better, do it. But most of all, your time is yours to enjoy, not to do things you feel you "have to"

    Hope you'll start feeling better soon

  • star. Thank you!

    I am MUCH more chilled last shift was on Friday night and I fairly floated home!

    Went for a lovely little 5k run yesterday with my gf, ran the whole way, only a few stops due to injury niggles which I think I may have to give in and see a physio for and had a brilliantly chilled out weekend!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Good to hear that you're doing ok Mimaduck image

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