First run

For my birthday yesterday i asked for a pair of running shoes, nothing fancy. So i got a pair of Hi-Tec running trainers. This morning i went for my first proper run (ever).

 According to my phone app i ran just under half a mile in about 5 minutes, average speed 6.82mph and I burned 52 cals. I was well and truely knackerd! Legs of jelly and a throat of fire.I was running a costal route on un-even muddy/rocky ground. I prefer this as i think i would find road running a bit boring but i think i might be making harder for myself?

 To me this seems pathetic but is this normal for a first timer? 

I'm going for 3/4 mile tomorrow!


  • It might be normal for some, not for others.

    What programme are you working to?
  • Hi jojo and welcome,

    It is not pathetic at all and well done on your first proper run. In my opinion I think you should follow a run/walk programme to begin with that will get you up to running 30 mins non stop in around 8-10 weeks.

    It is not recommended that you run everyday, as your body needs to recover from the previous workout so maybe it would be an idea to leave the next run until Fri (even though the running bug has got you)

    Just have a browse around the site or google, beginners run/walk programmes and give one of them a go. I did one last August and completed my first 10k on New Year's Eve. You will find yourself up and running in no time at all.

    Good luck and keep us posted.image

  • Thanks beachball. I have looked into the "run 1 min, walk 90 sec etc" programme and i'm going to give it a go.

    I will leave my next run till Friday, which i think will aslo benefit my back as my job entails loads of heavy lifting etc. I wont always be able run on the track i'm using because of the dark but there is a 2 mile stretch of flat, striaght pavement i can use image

  • Try slowing down. 6.28 mph on a trail route for a beginner is fast. Build up distance, then speed.
  • Well done you!  No way could I have run 5min solid when starting out.  Now I'm up to 5miles with just a minute or two walking break on the hilly bit of my run. image

    I started using the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts and found them great.  Naff music, but takes your mind off it, with a woman's voice to tell you when to run, walk and how long you've got left.  Much handier than checking your watch constantly.

    Best of luck with the running!

  • Not trying to be discouraging but if your running shoes haven't been properly fitted in a good running shop then you may end up getting injured.

    I'd suggest you do that before you do anything else TBH.

  • Screamapillar: I got these as like a tester, if i stick to it for a couple of weeks ill look into getting a fitted pair =]

    Started my programme today, the beginner one. 1 minute run 90secs walk, to my amazement I managed it quite easy (My face was still like a beetroot!)

    Stats, 1.95 miles - 23 mins - avg speed 5mph - 240cals lost

    Is the kind of reasonable?

    And for everyone's information I have now bunrt my Holumi whilst writing this post =[
  • Well done you!  Feels great completing each run and building up your progress, you'll be addicted in no time. image
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