BPM of Bryan Adams song

I've found 'the' song that makes me go faster so I want to find out what bpm it is, so I can search around that bpm, if that makes sense.

I've googled but I can't seem to find what I need. The song is Bryan Adams - We're Gonna Win.

 Is there a music guru out there who can help?


  • Simple answer - tap your fingers to the rhythm of the beat on a table for a minute and count the number of times you touch the table

    Techno answer - download Mixmeister BPM analyser, instal, upload track into player, and let it do the hard work for you

    Edited to add - on re-reading I see you want to find tracks of a similar BPM.  Run your entire music library through Mixmeister and it will detect the BPM.  Open music through WMP (other media players are available) and make sure you have ticked the column to show BPM of the tracks

    I have done this and created playlists for running a certain tempos image

  • Another approach...

    Once you've found the bpm that suits you, run your favourite stuff through Mixmeister and note their details. Then change the tempo of all of them to...whatever...( 180 seems to be the bpm-of choice for people discussing cadence) using Audacity  ( Lots of commercial programmes available on Web but this is free. And I is Scottish...)  Export as mp3 files using the Plugin mentioned on the Audacity site and upload to your player.

    Unless you choose really slow songs to start with, the result will preserve audible lyrics.No ' chipmunk' voices.It's amazing, really..

  • Caution: use Mixmeister on a copy of your music library. I might be the exception, but it butchered the information contained in my song tags.
  • Nykie wrote (see)

    I've found 'the' song that makes me go faster .......The song is Bryan Adams - We're Gonna Win........  Is there a music guru out there who can help?

    Maybe slightly off-topic, but I would say you definitely need help if you're voluntarily listening to Bryan Adams........image

  • Thanks all and thanks for the PM ATM.

     I like Bryan Adams, thank you very much YoungPup image

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