Facing My First 10k

Hi There !!

I am a newbie runner and i have my first 10k in just over 3 weeks , feeling a little nervous as i fell behind with training . My daughter brings home all sorts of nice germs from school . I am running 4/5times a week one of those sessions will only be a mile but it will be uphill at a faster pace. . . I am not too bothered about my time as my focus is just on getting out & finishing & enjoying the experience !! Just wondered if there was any wonderful advice available , what to expect etc etc !!

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  • get there in plenty of time. make sure you have some safety pins for your number. The queues for the loos can be quite long - so get in a queue and go to the loo before lining up. Don't worry about how fast others are or how slow you are. Have fun and enjoy your first race!
  • Dont worry too much if you've not managed to run 10km in your training.

    When I did my first race (which was an 8km) I had only managed to get to about 6km in my training but completed the full 8km without stopping. The buzz of racing will push you on. Plus, when people are watching you wont want to stop!

    Best of luck and ENJOY! I'm sure you will xxx
  • Hey !!

     Mathschick ; Thank you very much ! Safety pins , lol i hadn't even thought of that so THANKYOU very much ! Oh yes i will be at the front of the loo queue ! image

     Beachy ; Thankyou , i am going to keep up with farkle training i am hoping it will help me go a little further . Thankyou very much image

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