Big toe pain

Il try explain this as best i can:

Bassically my right foot, big toe seems to be "not right"/tight"

 By this i mean:

if i clench my toes together, with my left foot all the toes make a nice clench, but with right foot the big toe at the top doesnt clench "down" like left big toe does.

 Even more noticable if i use my hand to help the foot clench into palm of hand.

 Also noticed that the "skin" on the top of my big toe is painfull/sore if i keep clenching the toe ect or do feet stretches, "sort of a very tight feeling" around the bottom of the nail of the big toe on the right side.

 Have no idea what this is, but im sure it shouldnt be like this, and just doesnt feel right either.

any ideas?

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