Asics GEL 3020

Hi, Can anyone tell me why the Asics GEL 3020 shoes I have worn for the past two years are still priced at £75.99 - £105.00???  I first had these 2 years ago and paid £105.00 in MOTI.  I then replaced them last year with a new pair at £75 online (I learnt a lesson there!!).  I'm now about to buy a new pair as mine really are 'done in'.

Am I foolish to think they would have come down in price as they are no longer a 'new' model?  I'm going to go ahead and order a pair as they really do fit me well and do a good job, I was hoping they may have been reduced just a tad.

Liz (who doesn't have much dosh to spend on gear)


  • Liz - it amazes me that some retailers manage to sell any shoes at the top price but they obviously do hence why when you do a search you get those sorts of price ranges.

    I was in Sports Direct earlier today to see if they had any 3030's (they didn't) but they do have 3020's for around £70.  The last pair of 3030's I bought were from Amazon.  Can't remember exactly what I paid, but it was between £70 and £75. 

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