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  • Thanks Sarah image
  • Hi Sleep bear,

     I think this is a matter of choice I love yoga but am about to start a pilates class taught by a runner so looking forward to that.

    Pilates is more core based and Yoga is more strength and flexibilty through range, alot depends on a good teacher see which you feel better after and stick to that one rather than mix and match.

    Are you stiff or weak in your core? I would tend towards yoga if your issues are stiffness and pilates if weak poor core. Enjoy which ever you choose.


  • Ah ok - bridging when at the gym - yoga at home then! Thanks Sarah - I will! image
  • Hi Carl,

    it sounds like you first need to get to the bottom of the knee injury. Did you ever have it looked at? have you damaged any of the structures in the knee like the meniscus or artcular cartilage. If so this needs treating first.

    Have you played alot of football? Is there possibly some wear in the knee?

    Barefoot running takes a lot of training and coaching I think to get it right. You will be comlpetely changing how you run and loosing any cushioning from your trainers which your knee may need.

    You also need to start very slowly and get your body used to the change as you are going form an awful lot of support inc othotics to none.You will need to do an awful lot of work to make sure your posture is right seek some help from someone who knows about coaching this first.

    good luck


  • Hi MarcD1337,

    it  sounds like you have an issue with the lower back you may have a grumbling disc or just general biomechanical stiffness of the pelvis and lower back. Try stretching your hip flexors before you run as this can release your lower back. as it's been going on for a few months I would go and see a physio used to dealing with runners to try and release the tight structures to ease your running and stop it getting worse they will also be able to prescribe some exercises specific to you.

    good luck


  • Hi Lfc runner the plank and bridge are very different. bridge is great for the gluts, lye on your back knees bent and rock the pelvis back so back falt on bed then carry this on curling your back of the bed untill the body is in a staright line you should feel the gluts and stomach working not the bcak and hmastrings. If feel back and hmas lower till feel glut working should be on the website.


  • Hi Tempo Tom,

    it sounds to me like you've got a tight lower back causing the strange pain in your quad this can be fixed with physio to your lower back and then streches inc nerve streches to the quad. Are you local to Birmingham?


  • Thanks Sarah I'll do that image
  • Hi Wendy,

    how much running have you done initially? You may have done too much to start with and your shins are just not used to it, try and stick to 20 min runs every other day preferably off road to start with.


  • Hi Blck and white tabby,

    as often as you can really twice a day is good, what you'll find as the muscle releases and the stretches get less effective you do them less which is fine, keep going as long as you feel the stretch working. You won't do too much.


  • Hi sarah any advice for hamstring issue. Tore both 15 years ago playing cricket strangely and usually fine but when I hit the higher mileage the right one gets very tight and sore. Do the ice and rest stuff but cant shift it. Is it an old injury that didn't clear up properly do you think? If I was an elite I could have a scan but hey I am not!! Prior to 2010 VLM pulled it in training doing fast intervals rested up for a month then got going again.  Any suggestions appreciated thanks in advance.image
  • Thanks Sarah.  Yes, I live in Edgbaston.  I'll be volunteering at Brueton parkrun tomorrow if you're there!

  • Hi Sarah

    I started three times a week following an app Couch to 5K so it was only 1 min runs but I have built up to 25 min runs which got me to 6k. Perhaps I should cut back a bit then



  • Sarah - thank you. Very helpful - I'll go and do some more stretches now then!
  • Hi MCS,

    I wonder if it's all coming from your back esp if a cricket injury and strnge to tear both. Try some lower back / core strengthening work to see if that helps.


  • Hi Tom,

    i'm not there, happy to help though or you could see the Uni physios. Ask Alice for my email if you want some help.


  • Hi Alice,

    i'm sure bridging and thomas stretch are still on website if not could you flag them up again thanks


  • Hi all,

    I'm afraid we may have to draw things to a close now. Thank you to Sarah for your sterling work answering questions - and thanks to all of you for supplying those questions!

    Keep your eye  out - the rest of the ASICS PRO Team experts and Target 26.2 coaches will be online for webchats right through until race week.


  • Thanks everyone and good luck with the training


  • ahhh, i think I may have missed this, but wonder if I can sneak a question in.......

    training for VLM - recovering from shin splints.  Think I have now developed a swelling in the bursa on the inside of my knee that has now gone to the front (just below) knee -same leg as the shin splints.

    Can I run with this?  I have no pain, just the swelling and a little tendor to touch. 

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